Some clients have given me permission to publish comments they have made on their experience of therapy sessions with me (2009-2023)

I had a very successful healing and learning journey with Krystyna in 2016 which helped me greatly to

manage life storms and not giving into my depressive responses. She had many useful tools to help me take control of my life. When I found myself lost in a new set of circumstances in 2022, I called Krystyna, and she immediately fitted me into her busy schedule again. I much appreciate her loyal support and caring response to me at all times as she has journeyed with me to making positive steps forward in my life. Many thanks Krystyna.

Denise (54)

I have been seeing Krystyna now for just over 18 months. I had reached a crisis point 18 months earlier and I had decided I needed some professional guidance through this time. This has been a positive journey for me. At times it has been challenging, heart breaking, fulfilling and uplifting. Krystyna has guided me with respect, empathy, understanding and sensitive. Krystyna has got me to a point of where I now have a better understanding of my mental health conditions. This is both personally and professionally. If you are seeking to engage in therapy for the first time or are returning to therapy, I would highly recommend Krystyna to you.


aged 50

I have worked with many different psychologists and psychiatrists over the years and can honestly say Krystyna stands out from the pack. Her years of experience and training have given her a vast knowledge to help you in a way that works for YOU, having a great talent for quickly discovering what strategies you respond to. Krystyna has helped me in many ways with my panic disorder and depression and supported me in moving towards a more full and healthy life. I have learnt a lot of very helpful information and techniques which I use daily. So I hope by writing this it may help others take a step in the right direction too. If you are considering seeking help don’t put it off and think I’ll do that tomorrow. Contact Krystyna as soon as you can!! I procrastinated and if I can give any advice then if you are having the thought that you might need some help, then take that step and keep moving forward.


aged 32

I am very happy with the service I am receiving from Krystyna and hope to continue into the future as, in such a short time, I have achieved so much, thanks to her. The sessions helped me realise that I am doing the right thing, I’m just a bit rough around the edges but going in the right direction. The support and encouragement was thoroughly appreciated. I have already recommended her service to someone else. She is very open-minded and can deal with a variety of mental issues that a lot of people go through.


aged 23

When I started with Krystyna, approximately two and a half years ago, I was an angry screwed up victim. Working with her has been a journey of immeasurable gains and benefits to myself and everyone involved with me. Initially I was a desperate hopeful sceptic. But with nothing “at all” left to lose, I decided to give therapy a go. Krystyna is amazing and helped me despite myself and what she couldn’t help me with, she made it her mission to find someone who could. I am becoming a functioning member of society and a much stronger role model for my children, grandchildren etc. I do not hesitate to recommend her to anyone, confidently knowing she can be a powerful and constructive tool in helping you become the person you want to see in the mirror and that you and your loved ones can be proud of. Sceptic no longer.


aged 51

I have been seeing Krystyna for 18 months. Over the last 18 years I have seen so many therapists that I couldn’t connect with or didn’t take to their approach. Within the first few sessions with Krystyna I found things within myself that had been suppressed for so long. In 18 months I have gone from being weak, quiet, defenceless, unmotivated, anyone could walk over me – now I am independent, confident, strong, brave, willing and powerful. The setting at Racecourse Physiotherapy is relaxed, private but not isolated, soothing and approachable. I highly recommend Krystyna as your therapist – with her help I now have my life back and will be forever thankful.


aged 31

Krystyna was very approachable and I opened up to her very quickly. She was open and honest and very supportive and I trust her. She helped me face things in my life I had never worked through or acknowledged. She taught me that with acceptance you can move on and heal. I will always be grateful for that and to her. She is someone I would turn to again in a heartbeat should the need arise. I felt like I could for once really get things out and say how I felt without worrying about hurting someone or hiding it away. I would recommend Krystyna to anybody who had healing to do. She is a great motivator and in fact she can be contacted by texts and she always replies. She is one person in her line of work who can really make a difference to one’s life, if you are prepared to make the changes and work at things.


Female aged 34

The few sessions I have had so far have been of great benefit to me. They keep me with an inside idea as to where I want to be and are something I look forward to going to. Krystyna is a very warm friendly lady to speak with. I love the way I can sit and cry or laugh and talk and the information I receive is great. I am very happy with the support that I receive.


Female aged 44

I would have no hesitation to recommend Krystyna Rzoska as your psychologist. She has given me belief in myself plus the confidence to grow, even at my age. The lengths she goes to when you visit with her are hard to fault. Guidance, direction and patience are tremendous qualities when you walk in her room. I was an emotional mess when I met her but with the above, I have turned my life around and for that I will ever be eternally grateful.


Male aged 57

The sessions with Krystyna helped me to begin to find my self-confidence and believe in myself again through a very difficult time in my life. My sessions with her provided support outside my family and friends in a way that was unbiased and in a non-judgemental way. They gave me strategies to use when I felt that I couldn’t cope with what was happening to me and helped me look at things from other perspectives. I have recommended Krystyna to someone who is in the same situation that I am in, because I know that she has helped me to keep going with my life, one day at a time even when I felt I wasn’t able to. Her support has been invaluable to me.


Female aged 40

The therapy sessions helped improve my positive thinking, recognise negative thoughts before they turn into a spiral and to see circumstances from a different perspective. I feel more encouraged and determined to reach my goals with Krystyna’s informative and encouraging support.


Female aged 27