How do I know if I need psychological therapy? Shouldn’t I be able to work things out on my own?

You may be able to work through your problems without psychological treatment or counselling. To help you decide whether or not to see a psychologist or counsellor, you may wish to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Have I managed to work through problems on my own in the past without psychological treatment or counselling?
  2. How long did it take?
  3. If I am struggling with emotional issues at present, is this interfering with my ability to carry out my usual daily tasks?
  4. Am I feeling unhappy and stressed most of the time?
  5. Do I have family or friends to support me?

If you had difficulty working through problems on your own in the past without counselling or therapy, if it took a long time, if your functioning is impaired and you feel unhappy and stressed or if you feel very alone, you may wish to see a psychologist to help you deal with your current difficulties. Seeking the help of a psychologist, rather than struggling on your own can speed up the process of getting through problems or trauma.

If you know that your mental health suffers when you have difficulty managing stress at times of increased pressure, or if you have a vulnerability to depression, anxiety, psychosis or trouble controlling panic or anger, then seeing a clinical psychologist is likely to be beneficial. You will receive help to take control of your current emotional difficulties, whether they be related to personal issues or relationships. You will have the chance to learn cognitive skills to help you change the way you react under pressure so that you become happier and calmer, no matter what is happening in your life.

Why would I choose Krystyna Rzoska for psychology or counselling?

  • I have a friendly relaxed manner which can help you feel comfortable during sessions.
  • I have extensive training, expertise and 30 years’ experience in mental health, psychology, therapy and counselling.
  • I enjoy working with tertiary students after my time in student health.
  • I can provide you with summary notes or handouts at the end of each session.
  • I will help you access WINZ or ACC (Sensitive Claims) funding if you are eligible.  Some insurance companies provide limited fees cover. 
  • I can make you personalised relaxation recordings during your session, at your request.
  • There is easy parking onsite or nearby.